We will keep eating your salsa and jam forever!!!

"Coming from a very picky jam-loving family, we are thrilled to finally find the best, and right here in Boulder!  La Cruz Strawberry Jam is a staple in my gift pantry and it has been very well received, even by friends and family trying to make their own version.


The salsas are also amazing, as my husband is the salsa snob in the family, and our household needs to be fully stocked with both items at all times.

Keep up the great work!"


The Greene Family, Boulder, CO

Pass the strawberry jam, please!!

"This is an almost daily comment in our house and has been for many years, 'The Strawberry Jam is terrific!'  I put it on peanut butter and toast.  We have used this one spread from Gloria regularly and now buy it by the case.  It has been a regular treat to use.  Working with La Cruz Specialty Foods has been easy and positive.  Gloria responds to requests and suggestions quickly and effectively.  


Thanks, Gloria!"


Paul Katsampes, Eldorado Springs, CO

The salsa tastes so fresh, I can tell it’s made without preservatives!
That’s A good salsa!
Whole Foods Market customers say...

... First, there’s a nice flavor in the hot .  .  . then BAM! It hits you after a couple seconds!


... I don’t like spicy salsa, and I like that the Mild Salsa has all the flavor I want.


... The Medium Salsa tastes smoky and yummy!


... This Mango Chutney is incredible! 


... Wow! I really like the Mango Chutney. It has the right amount of perfect flavor!

... I don't eat any other jam on my pancakes, than Gloria's, it is simply YUMMY!