Habanero Apple Chutney (9 oz)

  • La Cruz Habanero Apple Chutney contains tumeric, fenugreek, cumin, ginger, peppercorn and other spices with apples and habanero chili to create a balance of spicy, but savory, flavors. Vinegar is the natural preservative.


    Traditionally, chutney is more than a western-style condiment. In other cultures, it is part of every meal and complements the taste and flavors of any dish. Its use is limited only by your imagination!


    Ways to use Habanero Apple Chutney: A great side for any pork dish - a nice change from apple sauce. Use on your favorite roast. Adds flavor to beans, rice, and any meatless dish. Use as curry. Add to a quesadilla, tofu, fish, or baked squash.